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Coaching and mentoring for people craving deeply authentic, genuinely happy, fulfilling lives with meaning and purpose.


Know yourself.
Be yourself.

The secret to living a fulfilling, deeply satisfying, meaningful life is actually very simple. And I believe you have everything within you that you need to achieve everything you want.


Though it may sound easy - and one day, not long from now, it will be - but it requires moving through the steps to uncovering who you truly are beneath the layers of conditioning and expectations that steer us way from our true selves, so you can come into full alignment with all that you are, and live boldly into that in each and every moment. 

Woman at the Beach

You want to make your life

your life's work

I want to help you.

Hi, I'm Jodi.

I work with clients who are craving and creating new ways of being in the world that are authentic, aligned, and make meaningful impact.

Using an integrative, holistic, and deeply intuitive approach I help clients surface and centre their authentic selves, reconnect with their intuitive knowing, and come into integrity with the whole of who they are.


I support them to identify and move toward their most desired and meaningful outcomes, become powerfully situated in their unique personal value and significance, and live deeply and boldly into it, creating truly happy, fulfilling lives full of meaning and purpose.


When we are in alignment with who we truly are, we naturally and inevitably move toward becoming the greatest version of ourselves and our greatest life experience.


How can I help you


"Jodi Mac… This woman is absolutely supernatural! She is a reservoir of radiating compassion that can allow you to feel deeply heard and understood. The power she has to receive you as you are now, understand your wholeness, and guide you home within yourself, is absolutely beyond this realm.
I worked with Jodi through the development of my passion project - addressing the barriers, blockages, hopes and desires that come along with the process, and our sessions were the perfect safe space for me to explore the things that were holding me back and define the things that would drive me forward."



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