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jodi mac, ccp

Coaching toward Personal Alignment, Mutual Upliftment & Collective Evolution

About Me

Hi, I'm Jodi

I am a Certified Coach Practitioner, accredited in Mindfulness, Life Purpose, and Transformational Coaching, building on a background in Psychology and Counselling, and degrees in both Sociology and Women, Gender & Sexuality. I have studied many theories and therapeutic models over the years, and my own lived experience and personal evolution journey has lead me through hundreds of perspectives and approaches, many of which continue to deeply inform my work.

I teach alignment and embodied consciousness

For the last decade I have been an avid student of the fields of energetics and quantum physics, neurobiology, holistic psychology, law of attraction and attachment theory. The combination of energetic and spiritual understandings of the Universe with embodied human experience forms the foundation of my practice - both personally and professionally.

I am a catalyst for the potential in others

As a guide, mentor and coach, it is my primary desire and intention to guide you back to yourself, to who you have always been and who you are meant to be; to reawaken your own knowing and come into your full power, and creative control in your life.

I believe in living the life you want,
every day.

My Approach

deeply intuitive, holistic and integrative

Facilitating a process of self-discovery and personal evolution I help clients excavate truths and gain insight into who they truly are, guiding them toward self-reclamation and personal empowerment, full self-expression, actualization, and the realization of their full potential.

I work with clients to:

  • surface and centre their full authentic selves 

  • locate their truths and reconnect with their intuitive knowing

  • become firmly situated in their unique personal value and significance

  • create meaningful, happy, fulfilling lives with intention and integrity

The work we do is whole life learning - both holistic and life-long - and because the work and the outcome are rooted in who you are it is fundamental in every area of your life.

Fall in love with the process
of becoming the very best version of yourself

My Mission

Personal Alignment, Mutual Upliftment & Collective Evolution

Personal Alignment - It is my primary intention to influence people to their own alignment; to a deeper understanding of the nature of their own Soul, and their unique value and significance; and to creating and living deeply authentic, fulfilling lives. 

Collective Evolution - Through individual work and broader reach, I have a powerful desire to usher in a new era of deep authenticity, full self-expression, personal alignment and co-elevation.

Mutual UpliftmentWhen we are in alignment with who we truly are we cannot help but uplift those around us.

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