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Coffee Break


Personalized, individually focused, and client centred, our work together is intuitively led and co-created, with focused intention specific to your journey.


I collaborate and partner with you throughout our work together, facilitating the process as guide, mentor, and coach

1:1 sessions are powerfully inspiring, life-giving, and often produce profound breakthroughs and personal awakenings. 

Personal Alignment & Evolution

... and now it's time to make space for the next version of you

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You have an incredible life ahead of you. And you are ready to start living it now, while you build toward the future.

I would love to help you.

​​Through our work together you will surface and centre your true self, come into integrity with the whole of who you are, and learn to make aligned, soul nourishing choices and changes in your life. 

​​Identifying your truth is the most important thing you will ever learn. And the most powerful action you will ever take, is living it.


​I will help you do both.

Holistic Life Coaching Specializing In


"If you are someone who is seeking connection, wanting to be seen and understood, and ready to go on an epic journey of manifesting what is true and deeply nourishing for your heart, mind, body and spirit, look no further, you have arrived!"


Pricing & Packages

Becoming and living in alignment with the truest and greatest version of yourself is the most important work you will ever do. It is the foundation for everything else in your life.

​​Making sustainable, holistic shifts that have the power to truly revolutionize and deepen your life experience require time, intentional practice and commitment. Having a dedicated coach and mentor to guide, focus and direct your work will undoubtedly accelerate your progress and help you move powerfully and purposefully in the direction of your most meaningful outcomes and greatest life experience.

​For those ready to make significant strides toward their desired outcomes, I offer 18-month, 12-month and 6-month commitments. I also maintain availability for individual sessions for those not yet ready to invest this level of time, energy and finances.​

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