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Collaboration, Mutual Upliftment & Collective Evolution

Small and large group workshops and events that combine facilitation and guidance with participant engagement as we move through both content and practice. These workshops consistently produce powerful insights and inspiration, leaving participants feeling energized and reinvigorated with practical tools and applications for their daily lives.

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A brief introduction to Visioning and Intention Setting as powerful practices for creating a life you love, and loving your life along the way.

This is a micro version of my monthly Visioning and Intention Setting co-labs. In this snack sized workshop I will cover the difference between the two practices, how each of them contribute to the design and creation of your life, the purpose and intent of each, and some key components of each as powerful guides in taking aligned action toward your most meaningful and significant outcomes.

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"You were incredible yesterday. So inspiring and insightful! You have such a gift for lighting people up and just bringing everyone together into a really loving space"

Workshop Participant

"I love the way you articulate things; you translate the exact feelings and thoughts so vividly. I love listening to you and reading anything you write -- it truly makes me feel whole and complete. Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, and clarity, as ever."

Workshop Participant

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my Soul's existence for this gift Jodi. You have played such a huge role as a facilitator for me.

I am so happy and grateful to work with you."

Workshop Participant

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