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DIY 4 Week Series: Foundations

DIY 4 Week Series: Foundations

Tools | Exercises | Processes | Practices:

Wheel of Life: Self-Assessment

A powerful, in-depth self-auditing tool designed to give you a visual representation of your current satisfaction in various areas of your life.  This will also allow you to identify the areas which most need improving.


Visioning Exercise: Who you want to be | Where you want to go

A process for gaining clarity and creating the life you want that will both reflect and inspire your intentions and actions moving forward.


Intention Setting Practice: Setting Aligned, Life-Affirming Intentions

A guided practice for all levels to set positive, aligned, and life-affirming intentions toward your most significant and meaningful outcomes for the next segment in time.  


Daily Fours: Morning Practice

A brief morning practice template to begin your day clear, focused and with appreciation, that will have you feeling aligned with your goals and intentions going into the day. 


Rhythms & Tides: Understanding Your Energetic Ebbs & Flows

An exercise to help you understand, flow with, and leverage your own energetic ebbs and flows to maximize both the efficiency and enjoyment of your life as you create the life you want. 


Limiting Beliefs: Catch & Release

An exercise aimed to surface those unconscious beliefs that are in opposition to your desires and hold you back from moving toward the life you want. The exercise will help you excavate these beliefs, as well as challenging and releasing them.

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