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Coaching, guidance, and mentoring for people craving deeply authentic, genuinely happy, fulfilling lives
with meaning and purpose.


You are...

searching for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life

craving and creating new ways of being in the world that are personally aligned and deeply authentic

meant for something more than you are currently living and you are ready to move toward it

I see you.

Woman at the Beach

You want to make your life

your life's work

I want to help you do it.

Hi, I'm Jodi.

I teach alignment and embodied consciousness, guiding, mentoring and coaching clients toward deep authenticity and personal alignment.

We are in the midst of a powerful evolution in humanity and human consciousness.

People are craving and carving out new ways of being that are deeply authentic and personally aligned. We can sense that there is more to life than we have been living, and are feeling called to do and be of significance in our lifetime.​ There is a soul deep yearning to come fully into all that we are, and experience the freedom, joy, and ease of living deeply into our truth, our unique gifts, and personal significance. We want to work in our purpose while having positive impact and contributing meaningfully to the world and those around us. 

When we are in alignment with who we truly are, we embark upon our greatest life experience, and we are able to make meaningful impact on the world in ways that elevate and inspire others, while fulfilling and nourishing our own soul.

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With a desire to support as many people as possible in this work, I have developed a suite of offerings that meet people at different levels of engagement and investment.

These naturally flow together, and can be combined to add depth and breadth to your personal development and alignment work.

for those ready to make powerful strides toward their most meaningful outcomes I offer personalized, client centred 1:1 sessions - 12 + 6 month commitments as well as indvidiaul sessions, as available.

big conversations | small groups - online workshops, co-labs, hybrid coaching, and speaker series on specific topics and themes for those looking to deepen their practice in community

brief, practical and accessible, I currently offer two DIY personal growth kits delivered weekly by email and a number of tools, exercises and practices that you can do when it works for your schedule.


brief daily(ish) insights, thought drops, prompts and reflections delivered directly to your mobile via SMS - these are bite size clips meant to inspire, inform, deepen and elevate your practice

There is a deep, universal yearning for this in the world right now – to step fully and confidently into the magic of who we are and bring our extraordinary gifts to the world as we become the truest and highest evolution of ourselves.
To embark upon our greatest life experience
while creating something true & beautiful in the world.


"Jodi Mac… This woman is absolutely supernatural! She is a reservoir of radiating compassion that can allow you to feel deeply heard and understood. The power she has to receive you as you are now, understand your wholeness, and guide you home within yourself, is absolutely beyond this realm.
I worked with Jodi through the development of my passion project - addressing the barriers, blockages, hopes and desires that come along with the process, and our sessions were the perfect safe space for me to explore the things that were holding me back and define the things that would drive me forward."


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